Prints & Albums

There is so much feeling in each and every one of your photos, and there is so much power in printing them. To physically hold your custom made photo album in your hands and see your perfect moments on the pages.  To print your most cherished moment and hang it on the walls of your home for you and your family and guests to see. It's a beautiful display of your unique and wondrous love story. 

Our main photography packages all include beautiful digital online galleries of your images. For those looking to create a physical piece of art of your memories, here is our print + album packages.

Sage & Fae Photo offers three different print and album collections to add to any packages. Each one can be tailored specifically to fit your wants and needs.


Album & Print Packages


x A set of 10, 25, or 50 high-quality prints of your choice

x A hard cover photo album (12x12)

x A 30x40 or 40x60 gallery-like quality large print


If you're interested in investing in any Print or Album package please let us know when you speak with us. Please also remember that each package can be customized in many ways-just ask!