We're Erica and Rebecca of Sage & Fae Photo!

We are a traveling gypsy couple who love love, traveling, holistic healing, all cats, the Moon, sushi, rock 'n' roll, and capturing lovely moments with our cameras. We are full-time wedding and portrait photographers currently based out of a little city called Knoxville, Tennessee AND Long Island, New York. We're inspired by emotion and light, but more importantly, two souls in love. When we don't have a camera in our hands, we're either dancing around our living room to a record, or planning our next road trip over a glass of red wine.

I have been a photographer for about 8 years, and there’s nothing more rewarding or humbling than having the opportunity of creating something beautiful with you and your love on your most special day.  Rebecca and I had a dream of turning my small photography business into a full time career, and creating your beautiful visions into reality. With a lot of hard work and a little manifesting, Sage & Fae Photo was created!

We are about capturing raw emotion. Be it - belly aching laughter or tears of complete joy. We hope to give you dreamy heartfelt memories of your perfect day to cherish a lifetime. 

We want to hear your story of love, and every quirky detail that is so imperfectly perfect!

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Our Story

Erica is a loving little Pisces who loves the outdoors and nature, astrology, taking pictures of our kitties and plants, and going on pizza and concert dates.  Photography has been a passion of hers for almost 10 years and I've learned everything from her - from editing to lighting. There is no one more hardworking, thoughtful, or who loves to dance more than my sweetheart and soulmate Erica.

- Rebecca

My Sage (yes that's what you'll hear me call Rebecca) is the most hilarious, sushi obsessed, big hearted goofball I have ever met. A Sagittarius who's passionate about traveling, musicals and scary movies, and every weird and quirky thing about the world. Sage fills my heart up with love and is always able to put a smile on my face. From the second I met her she has non-stop been making my dreams come true, including starting Sage & Fae Photo.

- Erica

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