Erin & Joe's Wedding

This New York wedding couldn't have been more fun or sweet. Erin and Joe kept it simple with immediate family and close friends in the beautiful Church of Saint Francis in NYC. Erin Lowry being an intellectual and fiscally creative wrote the best seller "Broke Millennial: Get Your Financial Life Together". She had a simple yet beautiful purple flowered bouquet that perfectly matched her purple socks and purple sunglasses that she sported around the city. Couldn't have suited her personality more. As for Joe - well, immediately upon meeting him we could both tell he was a sweetheart. Seeing the biggest smile come across his face as Erin walked down the aisle towards him said it all - this dark eyed cutie was head over heels for this woman. This wasn't even the best part of our day with them both! After the ceremony we ran around the city making stops at a few special places that meant something dear to them, and ended up at one of their favorite brewary hangouts - The Flatiron Room. We sipped a beer with the newly weds and cheered in celebration with their closest friends to the happy couple. What a day! All we can say is - we love New York!